55 subtle and mixed emotions - each with a slow

motion video, a set of stills and a detailed description.

Manual Facial Coding

Our expertise comes from eight years and thousands of hours analysing the facial expressions and body language of consumers.

email: johnhabershon@momentumresearch.co.uk

System 1 Thinking

Much is said about the importance of measuring the responses of the subconscious brain.

These expressions of emotion can come and go in less than a fifth of a second. This is the powerful, precise and reliable way to capture consumers’ System 1 responses.

John Habershon PhD FRSA

John founded Momentum Research to offer clients new ways to conduct consumer research, not limited by tradition and practice. He has made System 1 nonverbal analysis integral to his qualitative research.

He started his qualitative research career at Cooper Research and Marketing (CRAM), later becoming a director of Consensus Research International and a board director of TNS.

John has a long-standing involvement in the psychology of emotions, holding a PhD from Imperial College, London.

He is the author of an app and two ebooks on nonverbal communications and has had a number of papers published on facial coding in market research.

App available for smartphones and tablets